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Stormwater Pits

Stormwater Pits

Advanciv manufactures a range of standard modular stormwater pit solutions including:

  • Base units
  • Risers
  • Lids
  • Grates and covers

All pit bases are supplied with preformed knockout sections on all four sides, to assist with ease of installation and pipe connection.

Riser sections are available in increments of 150mm, 300mm, 450mm (to only suit ASB1212D Stormwater Pit Base) and 600mm dependant on the internal size of the stormwater pit base.  

This allows customers to select risers to achieve the desired reduced level.

Advanciv have the ability to supply grates to suit various needs.


Our products are compatible with our range of kerb entry and kerb inlet systems and other drainage products ensuring:

  • ease of assembly on-site
  • reducing construction time
  • reducing associated labour costs

Our range of stormwater pits and associated products, compliments pits with an internal dimension of 450mm x 450mm through to 1200mm x 1200mm and suit a maximum pipe diameter of DN 900.


Custom pits are available to suit customer drainage requirements.

Advanciv Stormwater Risers
Advanciv Stormwater Pits
Advanciv Grates

To request a quote, view our online quote request catalogue or click ‘Add to Cart’ below. Alternatively, contact us on (02) 4964 9998.

Product CodeInternal WidthInternal LengthInternal HeightQuote Request
ASB44D450mm450mm450mmAdd to Cart
ASB46D450mm450mm600mmAdd to Cart
ASB66D600mm600mm600mmAdd to Cart
ASB69D600mm600mm900mmAdd to Cart
ASB966D900mm600mm600mmAdd to Cart
ASB969D900mm600mm900mmAdd to Cart
ASB96D900mm900mm600mmAdd to Cart
ASB99D900mm900mm900mmAdd to Cart
ASB912D900mm900mm1200mmAdd to Cart
ASB1212D1200mm1200mm1200mmAdd to Cart
Product CodeInternal WidthInternal LengthInternal HeightQuote Request
ASR41D450mm450mm150mmAdd to Cart
ASR43D450mm450mm300mmAdd to Cart
ASR61D600mm600mm150mmAdd to Cart
ASR63D600mm600mm300mmAdd to Cart
ASR66D600mm600mm600mmAdd to Cart
ASR961D900mm600mm150mmAdd to Cart
ASR963D900mm600mm300mmAdd to Cart
ASR966D900mm600mm600mmAdd to Cart
ASR91D900mm900mm150mmAdd to Cart
ASR93D900mm900mm300mmAdd to Cart
ASR96D900mm900mm600mmAdd to Cart
ASR123D1200mm1200mm300mmAdd to Cart
ASR124D1200mm1200mm450mmAdd to Cart
  • All units are fitted with foot anchors for safe handling
  • Knockout church doors to assist with ease of installation
  • Risers are available in various widths to assist in reaching the reduced level
  • Stormwater drainage solutions
  • Carpark drainage
  • Junction pits
  • Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)
  • Local government works
  • Mining works

Material: Concrete

Fixings Required: N/A

Compliance Standard: AS 3600-2009

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