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Sloping Headwalls

Advanciv sloping headwalls are a continuous sloping front headwall. The sloping headwalls design is aesthetically pleasing as well as a safer option for driveway headwalls.

Sloping face headwalls are designed to reduce the risk of a major accident or injury to a driver as they don’t have the open space and flat vertical wall of traditional winged and apron headwalls.

An advantage of the Advanciv Sloping Headwall is the knockout style pipe connection that allows you to have one headwall that covers pipe sizes 300, 375 and 450mm nominal pipes.

After knocking out to the desired size you can insert the pipe, pack and seal around with mortar or a suitable sealing compound. This allows for free drainage in either direction, saves time on install by reducing on site works and improves safety by removing the need for concrete pipe cutting.

Our units are designed in many ways to best
suit any client or specific project needs and Advanciv are ready to look at any of these custom requirements to suit either pipes or box culverts.

Ronald McDonald House 12 Days of Christmas Campaign 2021

Advanciv are proud to be Day 3 in the 2021 Ronald McDonald House Newcastle 12 Days of Christmas Campaign. 
Ronald McDonald House provides a home away from home for many families so they can be together while their child receives the immediate medical help they need this Christmas. If you’d like to help us support this excellent cause, make sure you donate now to help keep families together this Christmas.

Box Culverts

Creeks and rivers naturally drain storm and rain water back into our lakes and oceans. These waters are managed through an ever expanding network of kerb entries, pipes, pits and box culverts. Advanciv produce and supply a standard range of box culverts ranging from 300x225mm to 2700x2400mm to cover most civil needs.

Configurations for these box culverts can include crown or inverted and can range in cell width to suit the requirements of any project.

Advanciv are able to assist clients by producing a product that meets project requirements and best fulfils site needs with:

  • Crowns
  • Bases
  • Link slabs
  • Headwalls

If special requirements are present, we are able to work with our clients to custom make culvert units of best fit.

Box culverts are not only limited to use with stormwater but can be used as:

  • Electrical conduits for cabling
  • Pedestrian underground walkways
  • Feeding troughs
  • Bridge replacements

Advanciv design and produce box culverts to meet:

  • 1 & AS1597.2
  • For roadway class 2A, W80 & A160
  • SM1600 loading
  • B1 or B2 exposure classification

Any custom requirements can be met as requested

Advanciv Headwalls

The prevention of erosion from stormwater pipe and box culvert discharge is reduced with the installation of Headwalls.

In the past, headwalls were formed and cast in-situ but precast has changed the way these are supplied.

Advanciv is leading the way with precast headwalls, through both our standard range and new products for traffic safety including sloping headwalls.

The benefits of Advanciv pre-cast headwalls provide end users with solutions which:

  • Reduce construction time
  • Eliminates the need for formwork
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Provide safe handling by providing foot anchors
  • Multiple diameter knockouts allowing flexibility
  • Manufactured to AS3600
  • TfNSW approved for QA R11 with B1 & B2 exposure classifications

If a project requires something “out of the box” a custom solution can be provided covering the needs for varying pipe size and pipe line quantity.

To ensure our products meet the standards of any client we can provide tech sheets which cover all required information on headwalls. Get in touch with the team to find out more.

Custom 8 Cell Headwall

What’s with the Dolphin and Fish?

You probably see our products everyday without even knowing it… However, did you know that we’ve taken some of our civil  precast concrete products that one step further?

Through the hard work of our production & development team, with input from local councils, our lintel and kerb entry products are produced with the environment in mind.

Advanciv are committed to helping our clients protect the environment by ensuring constant reminders are cast into our lintel and kerb entry products. The phrase ‘The river & ocean starts here” is a reminder that anything that goes down the drain will end up in our waterways, a gentle prompt to keep our marine life safe.

These units are now being used by many local councils including:

  • Newcastle
  • Port Stephens
  • Central Coast
  • Cessnock
  • Maitland
  • Lake Macquarie

The kerb entry products are only a few of our stormwater entry range which extends to grates, cast iron lids, concrete infill lids and solid concrete lids to suit all of our clients project needs.

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