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Sloping Headwalls

Sloping Headwalls

The range of Advanciv precast concrete sloping headwalls offers a number of benefits over traditional cast-in-situ options in the form of:

  • no need to mix concrete on-site
  • installation times reduced
  • labour time reduced
  • concrete is at strength upon delivery

This approach ensures that you can keep working on the same day the headwall is installed, with no need to wait for the concrete to cure.

The sloping headwalls design is aesthetically pleasing as well as a safer option for driveway headwalls. Sloping face headwalls are designed to reduce the risk of a major accident or injury to a driver as they don’t have the open space and flat vertical wall of traditional winged and apron headwalls.

An advantage of the Advanciv Sloping Headwall is the knock out style pipe connection that allows you to have one headwall that covers pipe sizes 300, 375 and 450 nominal pipe size.

Using a ball peen hammer you can knockout the pipe opening to the pipe size desired. There are preformed rings in the back of the sloping headwall for each pipe diameter starting at 300 diameters.

After knocking out to the desired size you can insert the pipe and pack and seal around the pipe with mortar or a suitable sealing compound. This allows for free drainage in either direction. The connection into the socket should be sealed to prevent erosion of the backfill by stormwater.


Our range of sloping headwalls suit: 

  • concrete
  • steel
  • poly pipe
  • Continuous sloping front headwall
  • Knock out style pipe connection
  • Safer than traditional vertical faced headwalls
  • Irrigation
  • Pipe drainage
  • Box culvert inlet and outlet
  • Local government works
  • Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)

Material: Concrete

Fixings Required: N/A

Compliance Standard: AS 3600-2009

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