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Advanciv supply a range of grates, for both replacement and cast-in-situ projects. They are supplied in line with AS 3996-2006 and various Class ratings.

We supply :

  • Gully grates
  • Vee grates
  • Surcharge grates on legs for stormwater pits
  • Sump grates:
    • drop in
    • grate and frame drop in or cast in
    • option of heelguard (perforated) design
    • option of lockdown devices

Additional Products

We also supply a range of:

  • Trash screens
  • Trash baskets
  • Step irons – Galvanised (375mm centres)
  • Step irons – Plastic (375mm centres)
Gully Grates
Advanciv Grates

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  • Grates comply to Australian Standards 3996-2006
  • Hot dip galvanised coating which provides a long-life solution
  • Hinged grates are provided with a hex bolt to deter unauthorised access
  • Grate designs undergo rigorous testing to maximise strength and structural properties

Material: Mild steel

Finish: Galvanised

Compliance Standard: AS 3996-2006

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 Traffic ConditionsUseNominal Wheel Loading (kg)Ultimate Limit Design Load (kN)
 Class A (Extra Light Duty)Areas which include footways which are accessible only to pedestrians an pedal cyclists and closed to other traffic.33010
 Class B (Light Duty)Areas which include footways and light tractor paths accessible to vehicles or livestock.  This excludes commercial vehicles.2,67080
 Class C (Medium Duty)Malls and areas open to slow-moving commercial traffic.5,000150
 Class D (Extra Heavy Duty)Carriageways of roads and areas open to commercial vehicles.8,000210


  • Nominal wheel loads are provided for guidance only.  Other considerations such as type, size and pneumatic tyre pressure of the load applied should be taken into account.

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