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Variety Spin 4 Kids 2022

We're proud to have participated in the Variety Spin 4 Kids 2022 Spin Bike Challenge!

We’re honoured to have joined forces with our colleagues across the ATB Morton Group of Companies once again this year on Friday 1st April for the Variety – the Children’s Charity Spin 4 Kids virtual event.

Now in it’s 6th year, the event consists of a 5hr spin bike challenge with teams of up to 10 people rotating through a tag team approach to keep the pedals moving for the full duration of the event. The 2022 event raised just over $105k, with the two ATB teams managing to raise a combined total of just over $5000.

The two teams, consisting of employees from six of ATB’s divisions including Head Office, Redicrete, CIA Precast and Steel, Construction, Hunter Galvanizing and ourselves, rode 148.19 and 142.13km throughout the day.

Thanks to Tim Liddell for being our Advanciv representative 2 years in a row!